I maintain a portfolio focused on technology advancement and content creators. I’m a long-time buy-and-hold investor in some of the now dominate companies. I made these investments because it was clear to me that these companies could engage with their consumer, using technology, strategically. The trend has been validating, and I hope it continues.

I also invest in pre-IPO businesses. I’ve listed those here for your consideration. Health & human services, entertainment content creation, and technology are my focus areas.

Beta Bionics

At Beta Bionics, Inc., we have developed a bionic pancreas called the iLet™, a pocket-sized, wearable medical device that autonomously manages blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Our iLet technology has demonstrated dramatic improvements in clinical outcomes. Through its ability to continuously adapt to the ever-changing insulin needs of people with diabetes, the iLet is the quintessential embodiment of personalized medicine – a sturdy and irrevocable bridge to the ever-elusive cure.

Circle Medical

Healthcare has neglected patient experience for too long by prioritizing insurance companies and providers. At Circle Medical, we obsessively focus on patients. That means multiple ways to see a physician, quick answers to questions, and a seamless online interface to engage with your doctor and medical records. We’re forging the path for a new kind of primary care, where all doctors are assisted by artificial intelligence to deliver better outcomes and experiences for patients.

Legion M

Legion M is using disruptive new equity crowdfunding laws to build an entertainment company owned by FANS. We believe an entertainment company owned by an audience has a fundamental competitive advantage over those owned by Wall Street. 

Fans are the ones who buy the tickets, pay the subscriptions, and fuel the multi-trillion dollar global entertainment industry. Individually, each of us is just a consumer, but together we have the power to shape the future of Hollywood.


How can employees truly improve if they only get feedback once a year from their manager? We don’t think they can, so we built a transparent performance review platform for employees to receive feedback from peers, leaders, team members, and clients in real-time. We use a decentralized model, so when employees leave their position, they can take their data with them. We have 17 clients, including Georgia Tech University, with more on the way, and saw 300% year over year growth. 

Orthogonal, Inc.

Orthogonal is a holding company and ecosystem that unites the desire to make money with doing good for the planet and society. We focus on a wide range of successful innovations from food and plant sciences to blockchain technology and crypto currency. By pooling our collective resources and diverse team knowledge we incubate our holdings and provide strategic partnerships to help scale each to their greatest potential… for investors. And the planet.


The Second Space Race is here. There are 23,000+ satellites planned to launch in the next 8 years, up from the 1,500 currently in orbit. All satellites need propulsion to get into orbit and stay there, but the current options use toxic fuels or perform poorly – and they’re all expensive. So, we invented a new system: it’s twice as good and half the cost of our closest competitor, which is why we already have letters of intent that add up to $150M in annual revenue.

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